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The Important Classifications of the Character Archetypes in Literature

As you are sourcing studying a story you will be presented by various character archetypes. The reason as to why the author uses these characters is to outline specific meanings. As you are going through literature you will understand that some characters are very prevalent in a story. If you are vale to know the main reason as to why a certain character is used in a story you get a chance to have a good time when you are reading the story. In this website, you will understand the classification of the various character archetypes that you will find when you are reading literature work. The following are some of the most common character archetypes in a story.

The first classification of the character archetypes that you will come across in literature is the protagonist. It should be noted that the hero is the main character that will have some hardships. At the end, the character will overcome all the challenges and emerge as a victor. It should be noted that the hero in the story is the protagonist. Again, the hero always plays a positive role in the story, but other characters oppose the goodness of the character archetypes. The hero is capable of having the ability to stay positive throughout the story. The other characteristic of the character archetypes hero is that the character tries to save the people from danger.

The next category of the character archetypes is the mentor. It should be noted that most of the mentor characters in a story have extra powers than the other characters. Other character archetypes will possess knowledge that other characters lack. The good thing about mentors in a story is that they support the hero by showing them the way. The hero will, therefore, keep visiting the mentor to get more guidelines. In most of the stories, you will find the mentors will die in a story.

The other classification of the character archetypes is the villain. It should be noted that the villain is a type of character that is against the hero and tries to create problems to the hero. As you are reading the literature you will realize the villain character with the negatives that they have. The villain character is greedy for power, and hence they make efforts to acquire power for the worst reason. The villain does not support anything that the hero does. The villain is characterized by doing things that will be the opposite of what the hero is doing so that it is hard for the hero to fulfill his interests.

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